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Improve Application Management & Support with a DevOps Approach

Learn how to manage application problems quicker and keep your customers happy by giving your developers the tools and production visibility they need.

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Why Choose Stackify for Application Support?

Stackify brings a DevOps approach to application support via an innovative suite of tools. Our DevOps tools give you the visibility and insights needed to support your mission critical applications.

  • Integrated suite of application support tools
  • Improve operations efficiency
  • Enhance security with role based production access and auditing
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Why Stackify


Application Support Dashboard

Developers, operations and even support staff can view the health of all your applications from one place. Troubleshoot issues quickly with remote access and integrated diagnostic tools.

  • Operational dashboard view of application health
  • Integrated tools to diagnose and troubleshoot problems
  • View apps across multiple data centers and environments
  • Automated discovery of web, background and batch apps

Get Visibility to Production Servers

Our application support portal allows you to see all of your applications and servers across the enterprise. Secure remote access allows your entire team to troubleshoot application problems quickly without administrator access.

Production Server Visibility

Production Server Monitoring

Monitor Applications & Servers

Ensure your applications are online and serving your customers. Go beyond server monitoring to monitor the health of your applications.

  • Standard CPU, disk, memory server monitoring
  • Monitor application functionality
  • Monitor SQL queries, page load times, queue counts, etc
  • Email and SMS notifications

Application Management Security & Auditing

Increase production access while improving security and auditing.

  • Flexible role based access
  • Integrated auditing & reporting
  • Increase productivity by giving more people access
  • Decrease risk by reducing current administrators

Security &amp Auditing


Agile Support for your Entire Application Stack

Provide your customers agile support with Stackify’s application management tools. Stackify provides the visibility and insights you need to ensure your application stack is working correctly and to quickly troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Stackify supports:

  • Windows & Linux
  • Physical & virtual servers
  • Cloud servers (Rackspace, AWS, Azure, etc)
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