DevOps tools for Agile support

Stackify brings a DevOps approach to application support via an innovative suite of tools. Below is a list and details on some of Stackify's most important features.

Agile Support for your Entire Application Stack

Provide your customers agile support with Stackify’s application management tools. Stackify provides the visibility and insights you need to ensure your application stack is working correctly and to quickly troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Stackify supports:

  • Windows & Linux
  • Physical & virtual servers
  • Cloud servers (Rackspace, AWS, Azure, etc)



Application Support Dashboard

Developers, operations and even support staff can view the health of all your applications from one place. Troubleshoot issues quickly with remote access and integrated diagnostic tools.

  • Operational dashboard view of application health
  • Integrated tools to diagnose and troubleshoot problems
  • View apps across multiple data centers and environments
  • Automated discovery of web, background and batch apps

Application details

View all the details of your web, background and batch jobs in real time.

  • Real-time health status
  • Location and environment
  • Restart apps
  • View application errors

Application Details

Activity Stream

Activity stream

Stackify automatically populates an activity stream that is attached to your applications and servers. Use Stackify to keep of notes about your applications and servers.

  • Log file access, application restarts
  • Enter custom notes
  • Track application and server alerts
  • Collaborate with your team

Remote file browsing

Securely access any files on your server. Configure access by file locations and extensions. You can even mask out sensitive data like passwords out of files.

  • Access log and config files
  • Tail log files in real time
  • Mask out sensitive data via regex rules
  • Audit file access

Remote File Browsing

Security &amp Auditing

Server view

Remotely access a real time view of the health and important details of your servers.

  • Server & application health
  • Application status
  • Running processes
  • Windows event viewer
  • Server configuration details

Application & server monitoring

Stackify provides flexible monitoring to track the health of your applications and servers.

  • Standard CPU, memory, disk monitoring
  • Advanced application functional monitoring
  • Alerts & notifications

Application and Server Monitoring

Database Access

Database Access

Query your production databases remotely with Stackify’s SQL query tools.

  • Query production databases
  • Limit to SELECT statements & certain objects
  • Prevents high resource queries
  • Audit database access
  • No VPN needed


Increase production access while improving security and auditing.

  • Flexible role based access
  • Integrated auditing & reporting
  • Increase productivity by giving more people access
  • Decrease risk by reducing current administrators


Database Access

Password vault

Store all of your passwords in a single location. Use Stackify’s flexible security access to configure what users can access what passwords.

  • Password vault
  • Configure user access
  • Audit access to the passwords