Integrated tools designed for application support
Development teams typically have no access to production or systems management tools. Supporting your applications requires access and correlating details across multiple sources and tools. Stackify integrated the functionality of multiple tools in to one easy to use system designed specifically for developers and application support.

Application support dashboard

Stackify discovers all of your applications across all of your data centers. Developers can quickly find, monitor and troubleshoot your applications from a single dashboard. View the health and deployment location of all of your applications on one easy to use dashboard. Quickly troubleshoot problems by remotely viewing server log files, config files, change history, and much more.

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Cloud server diagnostics

Hosting your servers via PaaS and IaaS cloud providers can introduce a new set of challenges with remote access, troubleshooting, and role based access. Stackify enables you to easily access your cloud based servers for remote troubleshooting while also allowing you to configure role based access.

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Remote application management

If you install your software on premise in many remote locations and struggle to monitor and troubleshoot your applications, Stackify can help. From one screen you could see all of the servers you have deployed and do remote troubleshooting. Stackify is your remote eyes and ears.

Find application problems quicker

Logging in to dozens of servers via SSH or RDP to check multiple potential problems is very time consuming. Stackify is designed to help you to check the health of all of your applications across all of your servers from one place.

Scale up your application support team

With role based access to your production environment Stackify makes it easy to get more people involved in application support and resolve issues quickly. Give read only access to your developers, system analysts, QA or even technical support teams.

Remove bottlenecks in production support

Many development teams rely on 1 or 2 lead developers to troubleshoot and fix production problems. They are the only ones with production access because you don’t trust anyone else, or no one else is familiar enough with the deployment details. Stackify automatically discovers your applications and provides all the visibility and tools that anyone can easily use.

Give your developers the insights they need

You ask your developers to fix bugs but don’t give them the access or tools needed to reproduce them in production. Fixing bugs is not a lot of fun when you are looking for a needle in a haystack and there are many more of them queued up. Give your developers the insights they need to quickly reproduce and fix bugs.

Offshore Development

Have your offshore team help solve production application problems by giving them read only access to your production environment. No more need for emails back and forth over days trying to track down troubleshooting information.

Improve production security and mitigate risk

Many companies either give developers no access or too much access to production. If you have concerns about how many people have production access, Stackify is your perfect solution. Remove their access while at the same time providing them a set of tools that allows them to do an even better job supporting your applications. Minimize your risk of unintended production changes and data access with Stackify.

Simplify security auditing challenges

Provide unique logins with read only access to everyone in your development and operations team. Stackify automatically audits their access to server files, SQL database queries, application restarts, event viewer, and more.

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